Do You Like Led?

by Jesus Vio

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released December 6, 2013

Written by: Jesus Vio
Musicians: Jesus Vio, Ben Katzman, Lautaro Gardella
Mixed by: Jesus Vio
Mastered by: Zack Weeks
Label: BUFU Records


tags: rock Boston


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Jesus Vio Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Go n' Rock n' Roll
We rock n roll
and yes we know
rock star dreams
are over
They have done it
all before
but in the haze
it gives us faith

We have no religion
our parents divorce
we have
no culture
for when we grow old

It costs
to much
to get hurt
I think
we'll agree
that a degree
is not what we're promised

So when
I get paid
my minimum
I grab
a slice
and a forty
like Ronnie
I read
the compass
and I know
that I'm o.k.
My unknown future
and all
my doubts
are accepted
and dealt with
Track Name: Patient
Oh my mind
help me Grow

Just take your time.
Everything will be alright
Be patient my friends
be patient my sisters and my brothers
everything will be alright
Track Name: Reconcile
Are you rejecting or resenting?
Are you reducing or assuming?

Let it go
no one here asked you to be born
just like you

You can win against a punch
There's a bigger battle to be won

No one of out histories are exactly the same
but don't that make us the same in that we are all different?

Let it go
no one here asked you to be born
just like me
Track Name: Dirte'
Way to many times a day I'm scared of going crazy
Even though I know I'm not my mind it keeps on racing

Still I keep on keeping on

I do so much oh yes I do and still I think I'm lazy
Maybe it's 'cause time goes by and I'm growing inpatient

Still I keep on keeping on

Maybe I'm just young
Anxious, ambitious, and stubborn
Track Name: Ooh Es Ah
Well that rock n roll is playing and its 2013
and the feeling that I'm getting is from 1953
When that music begins shredding
you know that I'll be getting
my partner and my dancing shoes
Dusty records in the back
and the new ones on the stack
we've been rocking around the clock

Opressive feelings
inside you and me
have been fought with and dealt with
rock n roll attitude and music